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Beetlegirl Design is a soft-sculpture bestiary from the imagination of Becky Brooks.

My creations are thoughtful reflections of flora and fauna. The natural objects of childhood wonder, Beetlegirl Design’s inhabitants slip quietly throughout our everyday lives.

I craft my soft-sculptures from the fibers of natural wool, silk, and linen, often reclaimed from garments and re-imagined into new lives.

A self-taught artist, I come from a family of individuals with eclectic creative talents, where imaginative exploration is the most praised of qualities. Although I have been formally trained in creative writing, which I originally pursued as my artistic medium, I ultimately capture the contents of my imagination in fabric, rather than words.

I live in Portland, OR, with my husband, wee daughter, and house rabbit. I am currently immersed in patterning new creations for the bestiary.

My work has been presented at such venues as Luv-able & Hug-able at Gallery Hanahou in New York, Plush You at Schmancy in Seattle and Double Punch in San Francisco, as well as having appeared in BUST magazine.

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